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Pragmatico is a boutique business management and leadership consultancy based in Australia.
We partner with Australian and global organisations and individuals, seeking to increase performance and accountability, reduce stress points, and provide deeper satisfaction and fulfilment through enhanced authentic and pragmatic leadership.
At the top level the Pragmatico model covers’ these core principles of what we’ll help you and your firm achieve;

To create high performing businesses by showing people the power of combining pragmatic business practices with their commitment to being authentic.

Every business starts with a Vision, but without a plan the vision is just a dream. The business needs a plan to bring the vision to life.

Clarity is created when there is detail about how the plan will be achieved, how the various functions of the business contribute to the plan, together with the performance levels needed from each area of the business. Defined Responsibilities together with a Dashboard provide that clarity.

People in the business are everything. We need the right people in the right seats, working together to build a successful business. We will work out if everyone on the bus is sitting where they should be.

Every business faces problems and challenges. The business can’t be successful if these challenges aren’t met and the problems aren’t solved. We will learn how to solve problems, not just to work around them.

Systems and Processes provide consistency and predictability in the business. We need to focus on the 20% most value adding activities in the business with clear guidelines for the best way. Process maps help identify metrics for the dashboard to improve our forecasting ability.

Accountability is the glue that holds all of this together. Meetings are where accountability takes place and that can be in a team meeting or a one-to-one. All performance needs to be acknowledged. Recognition when a target is met or exceeded. Acknowledge and investigate whenever a target is missed, understand the issue, fix it and move on.

Clarity is created when there is detail about how the plan will be achieved, how teams in the business contribute to the plan, as well as the performance needed from each area of the business.

Right people means that they not only have the capability for their role, but they consistently demonstrate their commitment to the business through values and behaviours aligned to the values of the business.

Every business faces problems and challenges. The business can’t be successful if these challenges aren’t met, and the problems aren’t solved. We will learn how to solve problems, not just to work around them.


  • Developing High-Performing Teams
  • Creating a culture of accountability
  • Effective Leadership
  • Upset staff and retention training
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Building Trust in teams
  • Balancing challenges 
  • How to move safely out of your comfort zone
  • Major strategic reviews
  • How to retain your best performers
  • Create a business/ team that you are proud of
  • Get more productivity from your team
  • How to strengthen your vision for success
  • Understanding the 5 Causes of Underperformance
  • Ensuring support for high performance


How Pragmatico can be your success partner is detailed more below.
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The foundations of every successful business are the same, the way you lay these foundations in your business determine your success, profit and fulfilment. Depending on your business size, complexity and needs, we can tailor a program that suits you and your budget.
A strategic review is an essential process for any organisation, offering a comprehensive evaluation of its current strategies, performance, goals, and external environment. This process helps identify both opportunities for growth and areas needing improvement.
Everyone on a journey benefits from a guide who knows the way, one who has experienced the difficulties and challenges and can share those experiences with you. The journey to a successful business is not different.
Well-communicated and understood Systems and Processes provide consistency and predictability in any business. Focusing on the 20% most value-adding activities in the business will produce 80% of the impact on your business.
Whether you’re hoping to build team collaboration, boost employee engagement, improve communication, or tackle specific challenges, our tailored and highly interactive workshops can help you achieve your objectives.
Take advantage of more than 30 years’ experience in delivering keynote presentations that inspire, inform and leave a lasting impression. Topics include leadership, strategy, people and culture, engagement, accountability, fulfilment, resilience and success.
Accountability is the glue that holds all of this together. Meetings are where accountability takes place and that can be in a team meeting or a one-to-one. All performance, both high and low needs to be acknowledged and dealt with.


It takes more than just brains and brawn to make a difference. We listen to your specific business needs, and using our processes and expertise we help make a bespoke solution just for your firm, but with Pragmatico success baked in.


Effective leadership is the foundation of every successful business. Strong leaders know the importance of creating the vision, and how to transform that vision into a clearly articulated plan. The plan provides the targets that sets expectations for everyone within the business. Let Pragmatico show you how to make that happen.


The people in your business deliver the results you need. Pragmatico shows you how to set expectations and follow up with the right type of feedback. Feedback that creates clarity, and motivates your team towards high performance, ensuring that your business stands out from the pack.



Do you feel responsible for everything in your business? Pragmatico will help you get everyone in your team on the same page, working together to make the business better, working on the business, not just in it.


A sample of recent reviews clients have left us are below. Taken principally from Google, as well as other sources such as social media, email or letters.
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Big or small, we help them all. We’ve had the privilege of working with many clients across all sectors from local to international. Your business is in good hands with Pragmatico.
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As a boutique Australian business and leadership consultancy, we’ve been on hundreds of journeys with people and firms, mentoring them along the way. We always get you to your destination. We do that because we plan for success and ensure your plan is successful.

Pragmatico team skills, tools and experiences are tried and tested, but listening and fully understanding what you actually need, and implementing the right plans and strategies that fit your needs is the key. A recent study showed that over 67% of businesses acknowledged the role of mentoring in achieving higher growth rates.

Some of the methods we’ll use to help you on the journey;

  • In-depth planning days
  • One to one and small group mentoring
  • Flexible and tailored plans and strategies
  • In-depth planning days
  • Focus days on key tasks and issues
  • Achievable targets that we set with you
  • Getting you in and out of comfort zones
  • Learning from mistakes without shame
  • Regular reviews and pit stops on your journey
  • 365 days a year business support


Since 2008 Mark Pope, Pragmatico’s Principal has brought his holistic understanding of life, health and business to other’s in Australia and across the globe.

Founding one of Australia’s largest wellness centers before becoming CEO of a national business improvement consultancy, Mark has helped bring success as a partner to individuals and to a wide range of clients from SMEs to ASX listed companies.

We know the importance of communication and clarity in business, and how well defined and shared values in an organisation can transform the culture and productivity from the inside, out.

Authentic leadership is key, and Pragmatico helps you unlock your success. Talk to us today and see how we can help you or your firm, achieve more.


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