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Through many years of experience working with various businesses, we understand the challenges that face business leaders. High Performing Businesses thrive with leaders at every level of the business who provide clarity about the business plan and how each team member contributes to that plan.

This includes clarity about their responsibilities and their targets. Leaders also need to learn how to present authentically to their teams. Authentic Leaders increase trust and psychological safety in teams which enhances collaboration, innovation, motivation and performance.

Our objectives in supporting clients with their Strategic Planning are:

  • Consider the success or otherwise of the previous plan.
  • Assess the Current State
  • Develop the Change Agenda
  • Identify the Strategic Objectives
  • Establish Performance Metrics
  • Deliver the Plan

A leadership consultant assesses the current state of the business and provides guidance on how to improve leadership skills within the business.

An Executive Mentor is someone with experience and a positive track record of having held leadership positions who can share their knowledge and experience, empathise with their client, and help them through problem solving and accountability to develop their skills.

We tailor programs including everything from 1:1 mentoring, to small group coaching and larger team workshops and even key note presentations. We work with all types of businesses from small, family lead businesses to multi-national corporations.

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Effective mentors have real-world experience in their area of expertise. They display great listening skills, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and are open and vulnerable enough to share their difficult times, not only the success stories.

Finally, there needs to be some chemistry in the relationship so that you can develop trust in the relationship so that you can be open and transparent with your mentor.

Authentic leadership describes people in a leadership capacity who act genuinely and sincerely and are true to who they are as individuals.

Authentic leaders are best positioned to inspire trust, loyalty and strong performance from employees.

Attributes of authentic leaders include balanced decision-making, strong ethical standards, self-awareness and transparency. They are also characterised by their people focus and their humility.

Pragmatic leaders know how to get things done, and they understand how to engage intrinsic motivation in their teams to drive performance.

They understand that the “carrot and stick” approach to business performance is not effective in most situations.

The space between a plan and its execution revolves around accountability. Accountability is based upon a clear understanding of responsibility and the expectations that go with that responsibility.

When expectations have been well set, and are aligned to a plan, accountability becomes easier. This is at the heart of Pragmatic Leadership.

An Executive Mentor can help you stay on track and provide insightful guidance when you need it. If you think otherwise, you’re missing out. Even the most successful entrepreneurs can benefit from having a mentor.

Further, 67% of businesses acknowledged the role of mentoring in achieving higher growth rates.


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Since 2008 Mark Pope, Pragmatico’s Principal has brought his holistic understanding of life, health and business to other’s in Australia and across the globe.

Founding one of Australia’s largest wellness centers before becoming CEO of a national business improvement consultancy, Mark has helped bring success as a partner to individuals and to a wide range of clients from SMEs to ASX listed companies.

We know the importance of communication and clarity in business, and how well defined and shared values in an organisation can transform the culture and productivity from the inside, out.

Authentic leadership is key, and Pragmatico helps you unlock your success. Talk to us today and see how we can help you or your firm, achieve more.


Big or small, we help them all. We’ve had the privilege of working with many clients across all sectors from local to international. Your business is in good hands with Pragmatico.
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