About Pragmatico

Pragmatico gets personally invested with you and your business.

Pragmatico has been founded by Mark Pope after two diverse careers.

His holistic understanding of life, health and business was developed through founding one of Australia’s largest wellness centres before becoming CEO of a national business improvement consultancy serving a wide range of clients from SMEs to ASX listed companies.

Mark understands the importance of communication and clarity in business and how well defined and shared values in an organisation can transform the culture and productivity from the inside, out. Authentic leadership is key.

Mark says…

I have experienced the joy of really smashing things successfully in life and in business. The way in which being in the flow makes everything seems easy, you ride the excitement and you feel powerful and proud of what you are accomplishing and that you can achieve anything.

It’s a heady trip and you think you are learning how to make things happen and that success comes just because you work so bloody hard.

However, I’ve also tasted failure. Times when you feel lost and you really don’t understand what is going on or how you get there. Your ideas of what creates success become challenged and completely upended.

This depth of experience in both business and life gives Mark an intimate understanding of the challenges we face in business, and importantly, how to move past them.

Mark is an avid cyclist and traveller. Recent adventures include climbing to Everest Base Camp and travelling overland from Beijing to Istanbul, exploring the old Silk Road.

Why Pragmatico

Pragmatico’s approach leads to tangible results

Mark Pope has an enviable track record in helping organisations and individuals transform their performance

Pragmatico takes a truly holistic approach that considers cultures, emotions, wellbeing and success

Pragmatico has developed a range of assessments that measure the gap and also the improvements gained through the work we do.

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