Do you define yourself by your success in business?

Are you challenged with Leadership and holding people accountable?

Is your personal life and health affected by your commitment to your career?

Partner with us to increase your effectiveness
in both areas and transform your life.

Is the Pragmatico approach right for you and your team?

We are looking to partner with people and organisations seeking less stress, better work/life balance, greater work satisfaction and health; 

who also have a burning commitment to change their behaviour to improve their life and their career.

My Personal Life

An effective personal life is the foundation of a successful career. How do you prioritise your personal life and your career? You need to be effective and efficient at both, developing self awareness while taking care of yourself and your important relationships.

My Business Life

Your effectiveness in business depends upon the progress of your business or career to your plan;
your ability to communicate well with your colleagues, and having clarity about the things you do that create the biggest impact.


Leading My Team

Effective leaders are self aware, authentic and understand the interdependence of a successful personal life and their career. Learn how to integrate your values and mindful choices with your business and life effectiveness to make you a better leader.

At Pragmatico we can help you by delivering

Clarity in your Personal life

Get clear about the importance of your career, relative to your personal well-being and the health of your key relationships. This clarity helps create better balance as you make better, more mindful decisions across every aspect of your life. Start by self-assessing the Key Results Areas of your life with our unique tool.

Clarity in your Business Life

How well does your business perform against worlds best practice benchmarks? We help you assess your business in 9 categories under the broad areas of Purpose, People and Process. Talk to us about the Pragmatico Business Effectiveness assessment for your business to understand the underlying causes of your challenges


Maintaining accountability is a major challenge for anyone managing people. What is the best way of structuring those  conversations? How do you get your reports to look forward to your involvement and their reviews? We mentor you through the process and help by holding you accountable too!

Executive Mentor

My engagement style is as a mentor. I want develop a relationship with you that supports your business and personal growth, using Purpose and Value driven conversations with change management practice to create sustainable outcomes. I have the capability to get more hands on if you need that too.

Meet Mark.

Pragmatico has been founded by Mark Pope after two diverse careers.

His holistic understanding of life, health and business was developed through founding one of Australia’s largest wellness centres before becoming CEO of a national business improvement consultancy serving a wide range of clients from SMEs to ASX listed companies.

Mark understands the importance of communication and clarity in business and how well defined and shared values in an organisation can transform the culture andproductivity from the inside, out. Authentic leadership is key.

Mark Pope Pragmatico

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