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Better Accountability leads to:

1. More Profit
2. Stronger Work Culture
3. Retains your Best Performers
4. Reduces your Stress

PRESENTER: Mark Pope CEO, Pragmatico

DATE: Wednesday, January 20, 2021



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What You Will Learn

Accountability is SO IMPORTANT!!!

“93 % of employees don’t even understand what their organization is trying to accomplish so they can align themselves with that goal. Additionally, 85 % of leaders aren’t defining what their employees should be working on. And 84 % describe themselves “as ‘trying but failing’ or ‘avoiding’ accountability, even when employees know what to fix.” 

– John Hall,  Forbes Magazine. October 2019

About your presenter

Mark’s holistic understanding of life, health and business was developed through founding one of Australia’s largest wellness centres before becoming CEO of a national business improvement consultancy serving a wide range of clients from SMEs to ASX listed companies.

Mark understands the importance of communication and clarity in business and how well-defined and shared values in an organisation can transform the culture and productivity from the inside, out. Authentic leadership is key.

This depth of experience in both business and life gives Mark an intimate understanding of the challenges we face in business, and importantly, how to move past them.

Mark is an avid cyclist and traveler. Recent adventures include climbing to Everest Base Camp and travelling overland from Beijing to Istanbul, exploring the old Silk Road.

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Wednesday January 20, 2021