Transform Your Chiropractic Life

For your practice to succeed, you need clarity, congruency and consistency

 in everything that you do.

We engage you personally and deeply, exploring your vision of practice, your personal goals and aspirations, and help you develop the right systems to make your dreams become a reality. 

Your goals are our goals.

Are you frustrated in your practice?

A practice that is both profitable and growing needs:

Culture, values, and teamwork start at the top. As your leadership and communication skills develop, your team will become more cohesive, communicate better and have greater clarity about their objectives and how to achieve them.

When your whole practice has a focus on the vision, with clarity about values and expectations across the business, the potential for increased productivity, patient satisfaction and profit is improved.

What to expect with Pragmatico


What does the practice of your dreams look like and how could you create it? 

I can help you unpeel the layers of doubt and confusion that so many good doctors feel in practice, whether they are the principal or an associate.

Finding this clarity is the cornerstone of every great practice, and is so much more valuable than feeling energised and motivated.


Maintaining accountability is a major challenge for anyone managing people.

What is the best way of structuring those conversations? How do you get your team to look forward to your involvement and their reviews? We mentor you through the process and help by holding you accountable too!

Executive Mentor

My engagement style is as a mentor.

I want to develop a relationship with you that supports your business and personal growth, using Purpose and Value driven conversations with change management practice to create sustainable outcomes. 

I have the capability to get more hands on if you need that too.


Let’s get started

Get in touch and let us know how we can help.
Completing the Ten Key Questions for Every Chiropractor is a great place to start a conversation.